365 Facilities and Risk Management

In today’s dynamic environment, organizations face a multitude of challenges in managing their facilities. Rising operational costs, complex safety regulations, and the need for efficient resource allocation demand a comprehensive and proactive approach. 365 Facilities and Risk Management partners with leading industry experts to provide tailored solutions that address your specific needs. Our team boasts over 18 years of combined experience, spanning law enforcement, private security, and property maintenance. This diverse background ensures we have the expertise and up-to-date knowledge to navigate the evolving landscape of facilities management. Streamlining your operations is at the core of our service. We leverage our network of trusted and certified partners to provide you with competitive quotes on a range of services, eliminating the hassle of sourcing vendors yourself. 365 Facilities and Risk Management also offers individual, group, and corporate kickboxing and self-defense classes led by experienced instructors with a combined 65 years of expertise. These programs empower individuals and organizations to enhance their personal safety and build confidence.

If you don’t invest in risk management, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, it’s a risky business.

Gary Cohn